Business Benefits

Business Benefits

Simply put, Waste Expert will help you to quickly and easily prevent waste, save money and be compliant, without the expert prices.

  • Improved data management and reporting – Set targets, KPIs and monitor performance.
  • Educate and be self-sufficient – Our eLearning and reference platform provides tools covering all aspects of waste, resource management and circular economy principles.
  • Comply - A truly interactive way to help you understand and monitor your compliance position.
  • Share knowledge and ideas - Our exclusive subscriber forums help like-minded people and businesses share knowledge, experiences and benchmark performance.


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Data Management and Reporting

Data Management and Reporting

Obtaining good quality waste management data and actually determining performance can be challenging, especially if you have multiple sites, waste streams and waste management contractors.

Waste Expert’s intelligent data management and reporting platform enables you to :

  • Manage financial and waste data across your site portfolio;
  • Monitor the performance of multiple waste contractors;
  • Establish targets and set improvement goals;
  • Compare and benchmark performance across sites, buildings and waste streams;
  • Examine the impacts of logistics and infrastructure on performance.

Training, Engagement & Behaviour Change

Training, Engagement & Behaviour Change

Our e-learning and reference platform (12 hours CPD) provides the tools necessary to educate staff and key stakeholders in all aspects of waste, resource management and circular economy principles, driving true self sufficiency.

Key features:

  • Accredited learning and reference platform (12 hours CPD)
  • Learn about topics including:
    • Key principles of waste and resource management.
    • Legislation, regulation and compliance.
    • The true cost of waste management.
    • Effective contractor management.
    • Construction, demolition and excavation waste management.

Compliance Management

Compliance Management

We have worked with the best UK, EU and international environmental lawyers to dissect more than 90 pieces of waste management legislation and case law. Waste Expert provides a truly interactive way to help you understand and monitor your compliance position.

Key features:

  • Audit tools – interactive checklists, templates and guidance documents.
  • Legal register builder – Automatically generate a legal register based on the waste streams you input.
  • Document control system – Gather documents and evidence to aid duty of care and improve transparency and auditability.
  • Ask the Expert – Our real-life experts are also on hand to answer your questions and provide guidance.
“Waste Expert is an excellent tool and certainly one of a kind in the Sustainability software market.” James Holley, KPMG
“Waste Expert provides the perfect learning model for us to enhance the knowledge and professionalism of people at all levels in the organisation.” Tim Price, Marketing Director, DS Smith Recycling
“Waste Expert contains a range of high quality tools that will benefit organisations of any scale across multiple sectors. Learning, Compliance and Data management represent the cornerstone of any effective sustainability strategy”  Steve Gough, CEO, Valpak

Waste Expert for Business Subscriptions

Getting started with Waste Expert is easy.

Our Waste Expert for Business subscriptions start from £100 PCM (£1,200 P/A) for a single user for a year. 

If you would like to purchase a subscription for multiple users, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Waste Expert for Business

£1,200 P/A

Provides single user, full access to Waste Expert:

  • Configurable in line with the size and complexity of your organisation.
  • Data Management and Reporting platform.
  • Accredited eLearning and reference platform (12 hours CPD).
  • Compliance Management Platform.
  • Policy and Strategy builder tools.
  • Ask the Expert.
  • Exclusive Subscriber Forums.
  • Exclusive events and round-table discussions.
  • Subscriptions are paid annually in advance.


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Resource Expert

From £200 PCM

Do you want more than software? How about a trusted advisor too?

Our Resource Expert package provides the Waste Expert platform alongside our mentoring and advisory services which are catered specifically to meet your requirements.


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